Saturday, April 26, 2014

April vacation week

A few things that have happened recently, in reverse chronological order:

1. I finally got through my sewing pile. For months now I have had sweaters with worn-out armholes and pants without buttons piled on my dresser. Finally everything is fixed and the top of the dresser is once again visible. Unfortunately, I waited so long I think that JW is now too skinny for those pants and I'm too fat for the sweaters.

2. Last night we went to see The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo). It was a great show, and I loved that they did "Voices Carry" for an encore, with both of them alternating verses. I felt a little old when I had trouble staying awake toward the end, and a lot old when the babysitter noticed I was still wearing the orange over-21 bracelet and said, "Did you go clubbing????"

3. Yesterday K said to me, "The key to life is being happy with what you have and who you are." Parenting is all downhill from here.

4. K has been on vacation all week. Thursday and Friday he went to a vacation program at a Mass Audubon nature preserve. On Friday when I picked him up, we went for a walk before heading home and he showed me the vernal pools he had discovered.

5. Last weekend we went to the in-laws for Easter. The kids had an egg hunt in the living room. K got some blank hardcover books in his Easter basket and spent the weekend assiduously filling them. We now have a 3-volume video game boss encyclopedia. X got a moose T-shirt in his Easter basket and refused to take it off ever. At night I let him wear it over his pajamas. He also got a chef's hat and apron, and he's been wearing them whenever we cook.


  1. Wow to number 3- you have a very smart kid there!

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    thought of you