Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kid update

This is from several weeks ago. I kept meaning to add to it and never finished.

K started saying his "r"s!! Finally. He overcompensates and has developed sort of a Scottish burr.

K says "Oh, good grief." X says, "Oh, MAN!"

When X hears anyone cough, he says, "Need breathing medicine?" (This is what we call his home nebulizer treatments.)

K wanted to sign up for afterschool sports and hockey skating lessons. He has never shown the slightest interest in anything athletic before, so we're going for it, even though it means expensive equipment and a weekend commitment. We're usually the opposite of those overscheduled families you hear about. Our kids have no lessons, clubs, or meetings whatsoever. For the next few weeks, anyway.

K got his first Beyblades. I still don't get how the cool toy that all the kids want is a top.

X says, "I'm so proud of you." And, "I'm happy with you." And he calls you a silly goose. "You tiny silly goose, I'm big silly goose." If you say to X, "You're ___," he will reply, "No, YOU ___."

X is really good at sharing. K is too. K is an awesome big brother.

K likes to get in the crib with X after X wakes up. I'm not sure how X feels about this. He gets excited, but maybe not in a good way. K thinks this is funny.

The kids are finally old enough that they can play together in peace for a little while. While making dinner the other day, I came out of the kitchen to check on them, and they were both dressed like pirates and having a battle.

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  1. Isn't it awesome to watch your kids play?! Ryan is a bit young, but once in a while they will do something together. Usually Jacob making something up and Ryan is a participant whether he likes it or not :)