Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Homemade video game

K got out at noon today. I picked him up and we scurried to the car under our umbrellas. On the ride home, he asked if we could do some drawing because he had an idea for a video game. He and his friends were writing a series of books about people who were bad at their jobs. The first one was "The Three Firefighters Who Didn't Know How To Do Their Job." They had all sorts of misadventures, which K described to me in great detail and which I half-listened to, and then at the end they got fired and all went home to watch "Family Guy" on TV. (Apparently his friend watches this.)

I told him to get started on his own while I took care of the groceries and lunch, and then after lunch we could draw together. He went away and came back a few minutes later with this:

There's an old school Ms. Pac Man console at K's dentist's office. He asked if we could make that out of cardboard, and then he would draw the video game. He said we could make the controller out of cardboard too, and use a chair for the chair, and in the chair would be K.

I got to work on construction, supervised by K, and he started drawing the game screens.

After about two hours, we ended up with this:

And here's K carrying out his plans!

I was worried X would destroy it when he got home, but instead he grabbed the other controller (we added a second one after this picture) and they played together. The only argument was over who got to be John. Finally K convinced X to be Bob instead. Bob's the one who falls down. Dave runs the other way, and John tries to use the fire extinguisher as a jetpack.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your kid is a freaking genius and so imaginative. He can create ideas and engineer/carry them out- the best of both worlds. I love it. It cracks me up that they were fighting over who got to be John :)

  2. that's awesome! have you shown him the video of Caine's arcade?

    1. No, I had never heard of that! I'll have to show him.

  3. This is awesome! I can't wait for my son to get to the age where I trust him with scissors! :)