Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family update

Facebook keeps trying to get me to confirm personal information like where I'm "from" and where I went to high school. It has very plausible guesses and asks me to pick one. (I put "from" in quotes because they've nailed all three of the places I would say that I'm "from," depending on who I'm talking to.) It's creepy, but not at all surprising, that they know so much about me. There is certain information I withhold from Facebook on purpose, not that it matters much since they can figure it out with about 90% accuracy.

K is almost done with kindergarten! He has ten end-of-year thank-you cards to write this weekend, for which I am bribing him with blue Gatorade. (Every time we're at the store, "MOM! Pleeeease! All the boys drink it!" Since when is Gatorade a thing? For kindergarteners?) We went to his "end-of-year celebration" which consisted of an interminable slideshow and K showing off his work for the year. I smiled at Volume 1 of his writing journal, an illustrated report of our daily doings ("We went to Costco," "We visited Grandma"). I was dismayed at Volume 2. The writing was better, but every single page was about video games. ("I got into the biggest castle and defeated the Koopa!" "Today we got a new Megaman game. I am so excited!") EVERY page. Not sure what, if anything, we should do about that.

X continues to be ridiculously adorable and to act basically like a normal 2-year old, which is why I feel like I write more about K here than about X. But I'm more conscious with X that this is the last time we're going to have a toddler around the house. While folding X's laundry, I got an email from a relative with pictures of her son's high school graduation. I looked at the puppy pajamas in my hands (the shirt says "Best Friends") and imagined X, who just stopped saying "bummy" and "pobby" instead of "bunny" and "potty," as a teenager. Then I immediately put back my phone and went back to folding so I didn't have to think about that again.

JW is gearing up for another election day this Tuesday. It seems like they never end around here. It's a domino effect as one politician ascends to a higher seat and then we have a special election for their seat.

K and I made a list of "Spectacular Things To Do This Summer." I was hoping to cross berry picking off the list today, but K vetoed. He voted for the ice cream store instead. We'll see.

We're finally getting to that glorious stage I've heard about from other parents, where the boys will play together and entertain themselves for long stretches. Yesterday they played Legos on the porch for about twenty minutes! I actually sat down and read a book. Growing up isn't all bad.


  1. I frequently tear up at the thought of my babies growing into real men. I know that I will love each stage of them as they grow but it is still hard to say goodbye to the baby phase of life!

  2. As much as I don't want to rush anything, I am looking forward to the 'entertain themselves' phase again