Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nutmeg muffins and yogurt panna cotta

Lately we've been having friends over for brunch.

Last time we had:
- Roasted asparagus, potatoes, and mushrooms
- Biscuits- Maple oatmeal scones (from the Flour cookbook)

This time we had:
- Yogurt panna cotta
- Nutmeg muffins (from Marion Cunningham's Breakfast Book)
- Home fries
- Swiss chard phyllo tart (from the Silver Palate cookbook)

And all our brunches lately have featured:
- Cut fresh fruit
- Salad (If they ask what to bring, I always say salad because I hate making them and I think they're a great addition to brunch -- they're a good counterpoint to the starchy stuff, and even if somebody doesn't like most of the food, anything + salad can be a meal)
- Lots of bacon

My basic formula, besides the fruit, salad, and bacon, is: something savory and starchy; something sweet; and something with vegetables. This time I was curious about the yogurt panna cotta recipe I saw on Smitten Kitchen, so I threw that in. It was easy, but it tasted exactly like the sum of its parts -- a somewhat thicker, sweeter, creamier version of plain Greek yogurt. If I had bought vanilla yogurt from the store and drained it, it would have been similar. The nutmeg muffins, though! JW complained about how expensive the whole nutmegs were and scoffed when I sat there grating and grating them. But they tasted just like what cake donuts should taste like. I've read several blog posts about these and they lived up to the hype.

We'll have to figure out who else we can invite for brunch...


  1. I just made a frittata last week that would be great for brunch. It takes about 40 minutes to make. I would recommend adding two more eggs to the recipe so it's not all asparagus.

    1. I love frittata! It used to be one of our staple weeknight dinners. Sadly, we have to be egg-free and nut-free these days due to X's allergies.

  2. Egg free?! Man that suuuucks. I hope he grows out of the egg allergy. I would say the same about the nuts, but those are always for life, right?

    1. That's what they say. X's egg allergy isn't as bad as it could be. He can tolerate eggs well-mixed into baked goods, and I think he's now able to handle eggs in moist foods like pancakes and brownies. He just can't eat custards or actual eggs. And he's only allergic to egg whites.