Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I swore off buying shoes online (sort of... at least partially swore off...) And I rarely try on shoes at stores. Taking my shoes off in a public place would be like an invitation for X to run away. So I've basically had a shoe-buying moratorium. Which is fine for cold weather, because I only wear four pairs of shoes: my beloved Clarks Dara III ankle boots in brown and black, plus snow boots and a pair of casual Born mostly-flat ankle boots for the weekends. My feet are hard to fit, and ankle boots are comfortable and easy. The Clarks Dara boots are also waterproof and nice enough to wear to work. But my black boots are showing their age, after four years of heavy use and multiple heel repairs. I found a place that does full resoling for Clarks shoes, but it costs $60 plus shipping. Today I found out Clarks is having a sale, and I got a $20 off code, so I got new ones for half price! Yay!! I'll probably stick out the rest of this winter with my old boots and then switch to the new ones next fall.

For summer, I have three identical pairs of cheap pumps, in pewter, taupe, and brown, that I keep under my desk. I wear commuting shoes to work (usually my Born Mary Janes) and change into heels when I get to work. On weekends, I wear flip flops or comfortable walking sandals. I'd like to upgrade my warm weather shoe wardrobe. My feet have permanently grown post-pregnancy and many of my old shoes don't fit well anymore, and my work shoes aren't in the greatest shape. But it's a lot tougher to find warm-weather shoes that fit right. I probably need to do some actual shopping, or at least order a bunch of things and return a lot of them.

What's your shoe routine?


  1. I'm a shoe addict. Ridiculous, impractical shoes, of the 4-5 inch stiletto nature. But sadly, since I'm not in court much these days, I don't have occasion to wear them much now, even though I will still buy them. I have to walk really far from my car to my office, and I suppose I could change shoes when I got here, but it just seems a hassle. So I wear Chucks or flats or boots or flipflops most of the time to work.

    The Zappos outlet in Louisville is my favorite place to buy shoes. Designer shoes marked down 70%? Yes, please! It's heaven. I take special trips just to go there. One of my law school BFFs works across the street from it, and she spends her lunch breaks there, particularly on Couture Wednesdays. She found a pair of Louboutins once. (I am green with envy.)

  2. Proto, I didn't know things like zappos outlets existed, and that's probably for the best (though I am now goggling to see if one is within 50 miles of me).

    I love shoes of all varieties- gorgeous tall stilettos, tall boots, ankle boots, wedges, and the occasional flat, I love them. I got rid of at least 30 pairs when we moved and probably still have 50 in my closet. I probably wear 20 the most (mostly work heels, with a few weekend wedges or boots mixed in), with the rest in reserve for particular occasions or outfits.

    I often wish I was more practical about them and only had a few essential pairs, which I'm sure is really all you need, but I derive such joy from each box that I know it's best just to embrace the love. Two weeks ago on a date night I opened a box of tan buttery leather peep-toe pumps I hadn't worn in a year and it made me so happy to pull them out of the tissue paper and put them on. I only bought one pair in all of 2012 (tall black boots, for Christmas) due to budget cuts, so I figure, as long as I can keep it under control, it's okay to have a vice, and unlike you, I love love to browse and try on and can get a lot of happiness out of an hour or two of roaming the aisles of DSW.

    What I need to find someday are cute, casual shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for running around a playground with the kids without making me cringe from the ugliness of utilitarianism. I have yet to find this magical pair of shoes, but I'm certain they're out there, I just always get too distracted in the stores by the shiny high heels. I really like the Dara boots you linked to- maybe I'm just looking in the wrong stores?

  3. I have a lot of shoes I never wear, partly because this job doesn't require dressing up much and partly because I just never find shoes that are comfortable.

    I have small but wide feet, which is I guess an odd combo. I do a lot of online buying but only because stores don't carry shoes in my size a lot of times. I guess I'm pretty lucky that my shoes haven't worn out because I have some that I wear on a regular basis (at least once a week) that are from 2005. I probably have some that are even older. It's just hard to get rid of shoes that still fit and are semi-presentable.

    Let's hurry up and invent that time machine that lets us go back and buy more of things that we really liked!