Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bathroom humor

K was in the potty, doing #2. He always takes forever, and wants me to hang out in there with him, but I usually refuse.

K: Mommy, come here!
Me: Are you done?
K: No, but come in. Hey Mommy. What do you call a ninja who smiles?
Me: Uh... a happy ninja?
K: The smiley ninja!
Me: Is that a joke?
K: Yes, haha! The smiley ninja!
Me: Why are you holding so much toilet paper?
K: You can go now.


  1. Lol! That's so funny!

  2. The "you can go now" kills me.

  3. We get the "I'M DONE!" announcement. I say, "That's nice." Pause. "I'm done. Will you please help me?" (Yes, I am still having to help the wiping process, because it's better than yeast infections.) Sometimes it's a false alarm, and I am sent back out.

    Argh. They say to cherish all these things because your kid will not need you soon enough, but you know? I'm not going to miss this one!