Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MILP Roundup #273

The weekly Mothers In the Legal Profession Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis at the ButterflyfishPT Law MomAttorney at LargeAttorney Work Product, Today Advocating Tomorrow, here, and Magic Cookie blogs.

This edition of the Roundup covers posts for the week of October 8-14.

Full of the Dickens hates the label on baby formula telling moms that breast is best.

Mommy on the Floor is taking on The Man, in this case the Boston Public School system. (This post is actually not in the week I'm recapping, but as a fellow Bostonian I'm reposting it out of personal interest. BPS has this bizarre "school choice" system that is being overhauled.)

And okay, this isn't in my week either, but go give Grace a big hug. As the title of her blog suggests, she is under pressure.

The Reluctant Grownup is figuring out her new daily schedule.

Attorney at Large is reminded that "every public appearance . . . is a chance to ruin a good reputation."

Lag Liv had a family getaway.

Kate of Today Advocating Tomorrow had an X-Files moment.

Alice in Wonderland is living with her own little Rain Man.

Butterflyfish captures her middle child at 21 months.

Izzie of Only 3 Years is preparing for work.

And 'round these parts, I tried unsuccessfully to quash my consumeristic urges.

Tune in next week for Roundup #274, in which we will all reveal our secrets for seamlessly integrating our personal lives with our career choices. We'll have figured it out by then, right?

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