Friday, January 22, 2010

Monkeys in the house

"Why is the mommy upset about the monkeys?" asked K while listening to the TMBG song "One Dozen Monkeys."
"Probably because she doesn't want them in her house."
"Why not?"
"I bet they would make a huge mess. Can you imagine if we had monkeys in our house? It would be chaos!" (I made faces and waved my arms and jumped up and down to demonstrate chaos.) "What do you think monkeys would do in our house?"
"They would... take off my shirt," answered K, who was getting dressed.
"Yes, and wear it! And they would swing from the chandeliers, and climb the bookcases, and jump on the tables."
"And they would take off your necklace, and wear it. And they would take off your watch, and EAT it!" said K, getting enthused about the house monkeys. "And they would take off my shirt and put it on a monkey! And they would dump out all my toys, and..."
"Stomp on them!"
"Stomp on them! And they would get in the new car, and press all the buttons! And they would turn on this!"
"The fire extinguisher? That would make an even bigger mess!"
"They would turn on the fire effinger, and then the firefighters would come!"
"They would? What would the firefighters do?"
"They would say, 'MONKEYS! GET OUT! GET OUT, MONKEYS! You don't belong in a house! This is somebody else's house!' And then they would make the monkeys go back to the zoo! And they would clean up the mess."
Hooray for firefighters! Take that, monkeys!


  1. ha ha ha ha!!! so funny! (and yes, hurray for firefighters, wink).

  2. what a sweet post.

  3. I love TMBG, but my 5 year old can't stand their music. Where have I gone wrong?!?!

  4. Awesomeness. Per usual

  5. Not apropos of the current post, but if you have a chance sometime, I'd love your comment on this post regarding having a baby in law school...